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Here at Agri Bay we can offer numerous services and offer a wide selection of farm machinery for sale and hire.  We specialise in trailer hire throughout the UK, our trailers range from bale trailers to grain trailers and are also an excellent quality machinery supplier.  Our goal is to provide a one stop shop with a huge selection of quality products and services from our bespoke locations across the UK.


Winter Equipment

Pronar Fertiliser Spreaders

Pronar Rotary Rake & Disc Mowers

Pronar Bale Trailers & Bailers

Pronar Dump & Grain Trailers

Pronar Hook Lift Trailers

Pronar Mixer Feeders

Pronar Manure Spreaders

Pronar Livestock Trailers

Plant Trailers

Bespoke Skips


Pronar Cattle Trailers

Tipper Trailers

Van Trailers

Barrel Trailers

Boat Trailers

Motorcycle Trailers

Camping & Utility Trailers

Erde Trailers

Car Transporters

Goods Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

Pronar Low Loader/Truck Trailers

Pronar Slurry Tanks

Pronar Biomass Trailers/Forage

Pronar Ejector Trailers

Pronar Chaser Bins

Pronar Log Trailers

Pronar Single Axle Trailers

Akpil Disc Cultivation

Akpil Cultivation Units

Akpil Stubble Cultivation

Akpil Subsoiler

Akpil Disc Harrows

Akpil Power harrow

Akpil Rotary Cultivator

Akpil Interrow Tiler

Akpil Rotary Mower

Akpil Disc Mowers

Sunward Excavators


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